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Hope the past year has treated you and your family well. I wanted to give you a quick update on Teak with some photos from his life in Wyoming. Teak really loves his older brother Haddock who is 11. They love sharing a dog bed and sitting next to the fire together.

Duck season is in full swing here in Wyoming and Teak has had great success with multiple water retrieves out of my drift boat. He has been a pleasure to train and soon will be taking his exam to become a Pet Partners therapy dog just like Haddock is. 

If you ever find yourself in western Wyoming please touch base with me. I would be happy to show you around. Any plans for future litters with Teaks mother Marley? I have been so impressed by Teak's temperament and train-ability and would be a fool not to at least ask!

Hayes Past Litters..PNG

Just thought I would send you a little update on our chocolate we got from you! Gauge turned 1 year old on December 3, 2014 and had his 1 year check up at the beginning of March. He is healthy and 87 lbs! He's doing very well in all aspects of upland and waterfowl hunting! He is an amazing family dog and is so obedient and well mannered. Great job on breeding, because he has turned into an absolutely beautiful and amazing dog! Thanks so much! 

-Tabitha D.

image3 (Gauge).JPG

Here's a pic of your big male pup from last fall.  Tate was 1 year old Thursday. 75# and trim.  Great personality.  He's great.  Very trainable also.  Picks up quick.


Got Mac on some pen raised birds (quail and pheasant) today. He did very good. Pointed 6 out of 7, with the other flushing ahead of him with a wild bird. Quickly located and retrieved the 4 that were shot. 


He has fire in his eyes! He's got heart for a dog twice his size. He dreams of circling Mallards. Little does he know, he's well on his way.


Finally got on wild birds yesterday. Patton did wonderful, and I am in a zone shooting. Made for a wonderful day. That was a point on a wild rooster that's in my freezer.


Snapped the photo... shot the bird. - Brian


Bella rocked it today.  Birds held in the heavy snow and she completely points.  The dog is going to be amazing....  

Tim Danley

image1 (4).jpeg

Jett has been a wonderful dog in the field and for the family. He just turned 2 in November and is healthy. He is very quick at finding birds, even when he doesn't see them fall. Jett uses his nose wonderfully to find them. He has fetched countless birds from waterfowl to doves. I'm looking forward to many more years to come in excitement, to see how much more Jett can accomplish.   



Gatsby's first agility trial. Thought you might want to brag about him. You can absolutely use the pic! He is awesome. -Rosemary D.


While on a hunt, I noticed a skunk following us, so I spun around and shot it. Before I knew it, she had brought it to me. We now both smell a mess.


Murdock is coming along great. He is sitting and then fetching his decoy on voice command. He comes and sits  on command as well. He is growing like a weed. Just a beautiful puppy. Our vet liked him so much, he took a picture with him and posted it on his Facebook.

@ 3 months old 



Can't thank you enough for a great pup. My mother in law is spoiling him, but it's been good for her. Oh yeah she has had labs forever and said this one already stands out... super smart, outgoing, and well socialized. 

-Michael D.

image1 (3).jpeg

I could not have asked for a better hunting partner this duck season. 

-Brice H.

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